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Pre- press and design requirements:

If you are supplying art in a digital format, we require vector art for spot colour printing & high resolution images (separate) for process printing. Since we cover so many different print mediums we may ask for specific file construction in certain circumstances. Feel free to call or email us and we will be glad to answer any questions. The following guidelines are intended to accelerate production, and control costs.

We can be reached at:Toll free: 1-877-943-1588

Art files should be produced in:

  • Illustrator, virtually any version.
  • Corel draw files: Only if they have been exported as illustrator AI files with the type files converted to curves. (Yes, some clients still use Corel draw)
  • Of course if you do not have acceptable formats, we will contact you and help re-create your ideas to workable file formats for your application, however our standard hourly art charges will apply.

When designing and supplying files:


Supply all fonts used in the file for us to load when working on the file, or the other option is to convert all text to outlines to ensure exact placement of characters. Post script or pen type file fonts are preferred, but we are able to use most formats, including tru-type.

Images and Bleeds:

Include all linked files, current and updated, that are placed in your artwork layout. All bitmap images, linked or embedded, must be supplied in CMYK format at a minimum of 300 dpi. In Photoshop, when you are converting from RGB to CMYK, please provide an original layered Photoshop document. Include a minimum bleed of 1/8" (3.17 mm) outside the die cut area. This is particularly important when an image (Photoshop File) bleeds off the edge.

File preparation:

For quality control reasons, we do not accept film or plate from outside sources. Please make sure to include all image files (Eps, tiff, etc), as well as any fonts. Do not trap the artwork. Our art department will trap the job to our specifications. Along with the Electronic files, you may also wish to supply us with a colour hard copy PDF of the artwork to ensure that our output matches your intended results. This also gives us a double check to ensure we have the correct version of the final file. (Yes, it has saved us in the past)

Accepted Media:

CD Rom disks (yes, we still accept them), Small files up to 10 megs can be emailed. You can also use any of the upload protocols, Dropbox, Hightail, WebHard, Wetransfer, Google Drive (we have found google drive a bit buggy at times) etc. Please, if you have password protected your uploaded file, email us with the details.
Also could also include the contact information of your designer, so if we have any questions we can contact them directly.

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