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Owner Spotlight: Ken Gallie

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Owner Spotlight: Ken Gallie

I have been in the packaging business since 1986. I started off by printing labels for the wine, vitamin and pharmaceutical business, then later in management with a Flexible Film printer. The vision for LabelPak Printing, eleven years ago was to provide clients a place where they could have one source, in providing packaging, with our defining motto of “On Time and On Budget". My motive of being in the packaging industry is to make a difference in my client’s life and help support them in being successful.

Through discussions with our clients, I realized that they needed their products on time to complete their production process. We take discussions and maintaining a relationship with our clients very seriously. Talking to the people and knowing their needs is the most enjoyable part of my work.

I work for ten hours a day and I am usually in the office early, checking over the orders in-house, seeing if any potential issues have developed, checking in with production and sales teams and finally with our accounting team to ensure we are on track.

I look at my responsibility as two-fold; one to be the director of moving the company forward, and the second to be a coach to help my team grow and develop as individuals with a focus to have them take over more if not all responsibility in the future.

My most important daily task is to keep the momentum rolling. Knowing that we’re a growing company, it’s a challenge to keep new business moving forward. However, it is my sound understanding of the print and packaging industry that helps me perform my job well.

I attribute my success to hard work and treating all people with respect. I’ve learned that it’s better to understand the other person’s position or issue first before you comment on it.

The most satisfying moments in my life would be taking a business from nothing, to where it is today. I have managed large businesses in my career, but to create something from scratch, put your DNA into it, and see it blossom is just something special.

My father had the most impact on my leadership style as well my mentor Les Adams, a strong business leader who taught me the value of integrity, and Steven Covey whose teachings helped mold my perspectives.

The most important lesson I learned was from my father, and it was that everyone wants to be loved and respected, and to respect others even when they might not deserve it, as it shows more of your character than theirs.

When I am not working, I believe in doing my bit and giving back to society. I also handle the duties of a director of the Small Scale Food Processors foundation. Our mandate is to financially help emerging food businesses. We also support the Delta Hospice Society, a local charity that does so much.

As a person, I value integrity, honesty and leaving a gentle path. Besides my business, I admire [Ken] Elon Musk and Tesla for its commitment to innovation, and the management of the Ford Motor Company for being the epitome of integrity during one the most difficult times in recent history, the stock market crash and auto industry bail out of 2008/2009.

I have enjoyed sharing my story about the things which matter to me and how they influence the way I do business.

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